Hi, I am Troy Knudsen, owner and creator of FENCEQUIP Post Drivers - a small, 100% kiwi owned and operated business based in Helensville, north-west of Auckland.

I have been around farming and fencing for my whole life. I worked at my family's Post Driver manufacturing business 12 years ago and, once that was sold, went on to work as a Fencer for a Fencing Contractor.

During those years fencing I often thought about how I could make the Post Driver I was using even better - more angle, more user friendly and how it could be built to last longer.

Once the sun started getting the better of me I moved south and started working in the engineering field - to be honest I missed being out in the field but also did not mind working inside when it was wet and windy outside!

I had always thought about making my own brand of Post Drivers and came to the realisation that this is what I wanted to do. So during three months of down time following back surgery we set about designing the FENCEQUIP HD Post Driver.

Myself and the team at FENCEQUIP really believe in wanting to keep our customers happy. We have designed and built our products to last - but if you do end up with a problem we will fix it. I thrive on customer feedback and we are often tweaking parts of our products to keep improving them.

We only deal direct with our customers as I feel you get a better understanding of what the customer needs in a Post Driver and we can be competitive on price while using the highest quality parts we can source. 

We are proud to be part of The Fencing Contractors Association of New Zealand (FCANZ) as bronze sponsors and look forward to what the future brings.

If you are thinking about upgrading or buying a new Post Driver contact me for a chat and a competitive quote.




What size tractor or hydraulic system do I require?

It all depends on what type of tractor you have but generally you want 80hp+ for the HD and 

70hp+ for the MD. Tractor needs to have over 30L per minute at about 1800 psi.

What is the ideal Tractor size for fencing?

In our experience 85-110hp is about the ideal size for fencing.


Post Drivers

Do FENCEQUIP Post Drivers come with a Warranty?

Yes- FENCEQUIP Post Drivers come with a 12 Month warranty.

Warranty covers: Weld and Steel failure, Pin breakages, Hydraulic Cylinders and seal failure, Hydraulic Hoses (if a manufacturing defect) and Hydraulic fittings.

How much is a FENCEQUIP Post Driver?

Every fencer has a different way of fencing and works in different soil types. Therefore FENCEQUIP has a modular system allowing you to have any option with any machine. 

So the price of the machine depends on what options you require. Contact FENCEQUIP for pricing.

How long does a Wire Rope last on a FENCEQUIP Post Driver?

Some of our customers have had over one year use out of a Wire Rope but it all depends on how well greased they are and what conditions they are working in.

How are FENCEQUIP Post Drivers different from everything else out there?

FENCEQUIP Post Drivers have more travel and more angle than all the other machines on the market. We have put a lot of time and work into designing our machines to last as long as possible and we are the only ones to make Multi-Option Side Mounts.

Will I have to do a bit of welding to get the machine ready for my way of fencing?

No- we can do any modifications to the machines that your require. The Side Mounts already come equipped with tool carriers for a Spade, Hand Rammer and Wire Jenny but if you require extra mounting brackets we are more than happy to add them on.

What goes into the manufacturing process?

We make all the components for our machines here in NZ. We only use the highest quality of parts i.e. Japanese bearings, Japanese/Australian/NZ Steel, High-end Italian and NZ Valving and Hydraulics, NZ made screw end Hydraulic Rams, High-grade profile cut plate.


​Side Mounts

How do you achieve 1m of Travel with FENCEQUIP Side Mounts?

We have re-designed the way a Side Mount is made to make the frame a lot stronger therefore we can achieve more travel.

What is the difference between the HD Side Mounts and the MD Side Mounts?

The HD Side Mounts are made out of larger profile steel with larger wall thickness. The HD Side Mounts are 40kg heavier than the MD models. We have done this to make the contractors machine last extra long when handling fatigue and a heavier Post Driver with extra options i.e.. Large Block, Rock Spike.

Can you make a narrow Side Mount for Vineyards/Orchards?

Yes - We have made several Side Mounts that are Custom made to suit the customers requirements. Eg: Narrow to fit down Vineyard and Orchard rows. Extra brackets to hold extra gear.

I already have a Rear Mount Post Driver but it is not a FENCEQUIP and  I now need a Side Mount. Can FENCEQUIP Side Mounts fit other brands of Post Drivers?

Yes - FENCEQUIP Side Mounts can be made to fit any Rear Mount Hydraulic Post Driver.



Are all FENCEQUIP options compatible with both the HD and MD models?

Yes- all options are compatible with the HD and MD.


Deal Direct

What are the advantages of dealing direct?

Because we only deal direct with the customer it means we can spend a lot more on high quality parts and still sell it to the customer at a competitive price. 

When you deal with FENCEQUIP you deal with Troy Knudsen who has been a fencer. He understands fencing and what you require in a machine. We won't try to sell you something that you do not need.

What is the wait time / when and how will I get my machine?

We require a deposit and you will pay the full amount once your machine is completed. You can pick up your machine from our factory or if you live close we can deliver for a small fee. Otherwise your machine can be freighted to you at your cost. The freight companies we deal with are very competitive on price.

Don't I have to buy off a dealer to get after sales support?

No - we are only a phone call away. If you need replacement parts, such as wire ropes, they can be ordered through us. We are very competitive on replacement parts because we prefer you to deal with us - no one knows the machine as good as we do. 

If you decide you need an option such as an Auger or Post Lifter these can also be ordered and fitted at a later stage. 

Where can I view?

If you live close by come see us at our factory in Helensville. Otherwise we attend Field Day shows around the country - Check out our Facebook page or have a look on the “Field Days Sites” page on this website.



Do you know much about fencing?

Yes - Having been fencers ourselves we have a good understanding of what is needed in a Post Driver and know what it's like working in the field.

What if I want to sell my old machine first?

We recommend listing your machine on Trade Me. That way you get the best possible price. 

How do I know its time to upgrade?

If your current machine is regularly breaking down and is causing you too much down time it is time to upgrade. There is no money being made while you are fixing your Post Driver.